At Generations Physiotherapy Centre, our strong team of physiotherapists can treat a wide span of conditions that include, but not limited to:
- Neck and back pain
- Joint pain
- Sciatica
- Disc issues
- Osteoarthritis
- Tendinitis
- Bursitis
- Ligament sprains and muscle strains
- Soft tissue injuries
- Sports related injuries
- Pre and post surgical rehabilitation
- Fractures
- Muscle imbalances
- Posture
- Paediatric conditions
- Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
- Pregnancy related pain
- Postpartum core muscle weakness
- Concussions (see below for more details)


Generations Physiotherapy Centre also treats work related injuries covered through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). At Generations Physiotherapy Centre, it is our top priority to get you back to meaningful work, pain free. We focus your treatment towards managing your symptoms, promoting recovery and education. During this time, we will provide frequent feedback to your workplace, as well as WSIB, to ensure you are safely working within your functional abilities, allowing the utmost success to your rehabilitation.

Motor Vehical Accident

We treat any injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s). Since dealing with car insurance companies can create an added stress to an already stressful situation, our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the paperwork and assist you as needed.

What to expect in your initial assessment:

Your first appointment at Generations Physiotherapy Centre will take approximately 1 hour in a private room. In this appointment, the physiotherapist will start by asking you questions about your area of concern. Following this, your physiotherapist will complete a thorough objective assessment, assessing your physical capabilities and how they relate to your current state. This will allow the physiotherapist to compile an accurate diagnosis, which your physiotherapist will then educate you on and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. These treatments may include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Massage
- Cupping therapy
- Manual therapy
- Active and passive stretching
- Active and passive soft tissue work
- Range of motion
- Joint mobilization and manipulation
- Education
- Home exercise program
- Functional strengthening
- Modalities (such as: ice/heat, paraffin bath, ultrasound, interferential current)

At the end of your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss follow up appointments. Follow up appointments typically take between 30 to 45 minutes.
At Generations Physiotherapy Centre, our massage therapists provide therapeutic treatments in our private treatment rooms to ensure your privacy and provide a relaxing, healing environment for your stress and tension to slip away in. Although all of our therapist are highly trained and experienced in various types of message, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, infant massage, sports massage, and relaxation massage, we strongly encourage you to try each of them out to see who suits you best! Each massage therapist provides their own unique touch and we think it is important that you find your perfect fit.
What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a registered health care profession and a form of alternative medicine. It is one of the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been practiced for over 2,500 years. Acupuncture is now covered by many insurance policies and used most often to help treat pain, improve muscle function and activity.

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture improves the body’s functions and helps to promote the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific areas on the body called acupuncture points. Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce its own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. By inserting the needles into specific points, the body focuses its attention to that area and helps the body heal itself. Small, sterile, one-time use needles are inserted into the skin at these points. To further enhance the effects of treatment, electrical stimulation or heat may be applied to the needles and other techniques may be performed during the treatment such as cupping, manual massage and stretching.

Traditional Chinese Medicine follows ancient philosophy which describes the universe and the body in terms of two opposite energy forces called yin and yang. When yin and yang forces are balanced in the body, then the body is healthy. There is natural energy in the body called “qi” (pronounced “chee”), which flows along meridians throughout the body like the nerves and blood vessels. Smooth and constant flow of qi keeps this yin and yang balanced. If there is a blockage of this energy flow, then it will be like water backing up in a dam, and disruption of the flow can lead to pain, lack of function or illness. Acupuncture directs energy to areas where it is insufficient and drains it from where it has pooled or is in excess to harmonize balance in the body.

What conditions are commonly treated by acupuncture?

Acupuncture is very successful at treating a wide variety of conditions, including muscular pain (acute, chronic, cramps, spasms, post fracture, inflammation, tendonitis etc.) nausea, headaches/migraines, digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea, IBS, Chron’s disease, pain), stress/anxiety/depression, insomnia, prenatal discomforts, labour induction, incontinence, and many more.

How many treatments will I need?

Every person is different and will require different frequency and number of treatments. If it is an acute problem, fewer visits are usually required, and results are often noticed immediately. Long-term chronic conditions will usually require more treatments depending on the severity. An individualized treatment plan will be discussed during the initial visit. To help minimize the number of treatments required, your practitioner may recommend exercises, dietary modifications, self-massage or relaxation techniques.

Is it painful?

The acupuncture needles are very thin, a little thicker than a hair and much smaller than a syringe. There may be a tiny sensation when inserted and are often painless. Once inserted they are left in for 5-30 minutes and can have some tingling, warmth, heaviness or a feeling of qi/energy moving up and down channels. Most find acupuncture treatments to be extremely relaxing and leave feeling calm and rejuvenated.

What to know before receiving acupuncture treatments.

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing to treatments. Acupuncture treatments should be avoided if you have an empty stomach, so please have a snack shortly before a treatment.
At Generations Physiotherapy Centre, we are trained Shift Concussion providers. Our physiotherapists perform baseline testing, thorough concussion assessments and individualised treatment plans. Whether the concussion is caused by a sports related injury, MVA or fluke accident, we can help!

What is Baseline Testing?

Baseline testing is becoming more and more common within children, teenagers and professional athletes who are at risk of acquiring a concussion during their sporting season. When you book in for baseline testing, we use a variety of assessment tools to develop a baseline. This is then used as a helpful tool if fate forbid you or your child has a concussion, as it gives us a better idea of what your own or your child’s ‘normal’ is. Baseline testing is best done prior to the start of the specific sports season and is advised to be completed on a yearly basis, as individuals baseline, especially in children and young adults, changes as they grow, develop and learn.

What happens in your first assessment if you have acquired a concussion?

A thorough physiotherapy assessment will be completed by a trained, concussion certified physiotherapist. This will help highlight areas of concern and help guide the treatment plan accordingly. It is important to understand that every concussion presents differently -each individual’s symptoms are unique and needs to be treated appropriately. This being said, in addition to exercise and manual therapy, a large component to concussion rehabilitation is education to help the individual and their family members understand what is happening and to help reduce any anxiety and frustrations.
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generations psysiotherapy
generations psysiotherapy
At Generations Physiotherapy Centre, we not only assess and treat individuals with pain specific problems, we also strongly believe in preventative care. If you are looking for some guidance on how to optimize activities such as your gym routine, running style or posture, we can help! We will complete a thorough assessment, provide education and develop an individualised exercise program as necessary.
At Generations Physiotherapy Centre, our team of highly trained physiotherapists can provide a thorough gait and posture assessment and custom fit orthotics so they suit your individual needs. Please note that although you do not need a doctors note to get custom orthotics, it is typical of insurance companies to request a doctor referral letter for this to be covered by your provider.
Generations Physiotherapy Centre teams up with a company named Ossur to develop non-invasive knee bracing. A thorough assessment is completed by our physiotherapists to determine which type of knee brace is best suited for your knee and symptoms. After this, we fit you for a custom made and individually fitted knee brace to provide that extra support your knee needs to help you get back to a more active lifestyle!

Please note that although you do not need a doctors note to get a custom knee brace, it is typical of insurance companies to request a doctor referral letter for this to be covered by your provider.